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The challenger is the player that initiates the 1v1 challenge and starts the match by selecting his/her opponent (vs Facebook Friends, vs Developer, vs a Random Stranger, or vs Yourself) and 1 of the 6 global decks to play with (Art & Literature, Geography, History, Sports, Science, Entertainment) plus any custom decks they have created (more on that later).
Gameplay begins when the challenger is presented with 3 random cards from the chosen deck(s), two of which are true while the other is a lie. It is up to the player to correctly identify which card is the lie within the 30 second play clock.
If correct, the player advances to the next round where they are presented with 3 more cards.
If incorrect, the match ends and the challenger must wait for his/her opponent to respond.
Now its the recipient's turn to play. The recipient of the challenge must respond within 24 hours of when the challenge was issued or else they automatically forfeit the match and a win is rewarded to the challenger.
The recipient is given the same cards the challenger played with to ensure fairness and continues to play until they incorrectly choose a true card.
The player who lasted the most rounds before guessing incorrectly (also referred to as the player with the longest streak) wins the game.
Once the game is over, both the recipient and the challenger can issue a rematch whenever they so desire via the Game Summary Screen or the Player Profile Screen.
When issuing a rematch, the player once again chooses which deck(s) to play with before proceeding to gameplay.
The emojis on the game cards represent the 1 0f 3 possible Card Types: Verified Public, Unverified Public, & Private.
Players only play with verified public cards and private cards (if you choose to allow/include private decks).
😃 = Verified Public
🙂 = Unverified Public
😈 = Private
Were you given an inappropriate, offensive, misspelled, and/or incorrect card?
"Bad" cards may slip through the cracks. Simply tap on the flag icon on the card and our staff, along with the card's author, will be notified.
The Longest Streak represents the most consecutive correct guesses a player has made in a game. Each player can compare his/her longest streak against that of their friends or the rest of the world in the leaderboard.
A point is rewarded every time a player correctly chooses the false card. You can compare your total points against that of your friends or the rest of the world in the Leaderboard.
Keys are rewarded every time a player correctly chooses the false card or creates a new card and/or deck. Players may redeem these keys for Baddies (see Player Profile section for more detail).
Baddies are little characters that you can purchase and collect to use in matches against your friends (when Pants on Fire Mode is enabled).
Each Baddie has its own set of perks including extending the game clock to 45s or 60s, adding 1-3 points onto your score, and granting 1-3 extra lives.
Baddies with a combination of the three and/or acquire perks that benefit the user more are considered more valuable and therefore will be more rare when opening baddie boxes (see Player Profile section for more detail).
Have card ideas of your own? Decide whether you want to be a saint or a liar when creating your own custom cards!
First type in a true fact or a compelling lie and mark it accordingly.
Next, decide if you want to share the card with the rest of the world or mark it as a private card so that only friends and family may play with it. Private cards are great when involving inside jokes!
Finally, choose what category the card belongs to and Voila! You have just created your own card!
If you decide to make your card available to the public, it will first have to be verified by our staff. Once verified, you will no longer be able to edit it.
If your card was flagged, you will be notified, the card will be turned red in the My Cards Menu, and asked to fix it.
Not satisfied with the current deck selection? Do you claim that you are the foremost expert on everything Ellen DeGeneres? Create your own custom playing decks to further challenge your opponents!
First name the deck then populate it with your own custom cards.
NOTE: If you do play a game with custom decks, your streak will NOT count against your longest streak!
NOTE: In 1v1 matches, your opponent must grant you permission to include private decks in your game (via the Player Profile Page). Initially, games versus Facebook Friends & versus the Developer automatically allow for the inclusion of private decks while games versus Random Strangers do not. 
Tap on a player's cell to view their Player Profile Page. The Profile Screen is where you'll find the player's name, rank, number of keys, longest streak, total pointscurrent record versus you, total record, performance in every category, and the baddies they own.
You may also challenge the player to a new game or a rematch if you have an existing expired game with the player.
If the player has linked their Facebook account, simply tap on the Facebook button to view their Facebook profile page!
The Player Profile page is also where you will be able to enable/disable Pants on Fire mode versus the player. Enabling Pants on Fire mode will allow you and your opponent the ability to include custom decks and baddies in your matches so long as your opponent has enabled PoF mode as well.
When viewing your own profile, you may spend 25 keys open a Baddie Box that will give you a random Baddie to play with. Baddies with more special abilities or higher special abilites will be more rare than others. The desciption of each baddie (including the odds and special abilities) can be found my tapping on the baddie cell.
Compare your scores against those of your Facebook Friends or the rest of the world in the leaderboard.
The leaderboard is where you'll find the top players in Longest Streak and Points.


As such, I would really appreciate it if you would honestly rate and review my application so that I can provide you with the best app experience possible. Thanks! Also, I am a broke college student so any donations you can throw my way are greatly appreciated!

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